Friday, September 25, 2009

Rosh Hashana Dinner

September 18th:

This is the first year Douglas and I have hosted Rosh Hashana dinner! The past 5 years we have been together we had dinner in the following locations; my family in Florida, Chabad of Sonoma and dinner at the Rubinstein's.

With a lot to do, Douglas and I split the menu carefully and put together our action items. Douglas was in charge of the beef, Steve (Douglas' dad) made the fish and finally I was to make all the brachot (blessings in Hebrew). Since I had many components to complete, Jan (Douglas' mom) came over Friday morning to help. Her task was the Leek & Mushroom Quiche.

The week before dinner I could not help and think how easy it was going to be with all the Kosher markets being in driving distance. My shopping day quickly approached and I was a little mistaken. Who knew you needed to call in advance to order a fish head?? So unfortunately I didn't get a fish head :(

To get descriptions of each brachot I Googled traditions. I printed this link and shared the descriptions at my dinner table.

The Menu:
Round Challah
Apples & Honey
Olive Tapenade
Beet Salad
Citrus Fish
Apple Kugel
Squash Quiche
Leek & Mushroom Quiche
Glazed Apricot Carrots with Peppers
Honeyed Roast Beef with Sweet Potatoes
Honey Chiffon Cake

The Guests:
Jan, Steve, Rhonda, Beth and Mariana.

Thank you guests for completing my table and for the beautiful flowers Mariana!!

Shana Tova Umetuka,
The Kruschen Family

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